The Easton XL1 Baseball Bat

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Easton XL1

Easton XL1 is the latest and more powerful adult baseball bat featuring stylish and modern designs preferred by many players. It is an end loaded bat good for use by powerful hitters. The bat is perfectly made for the targeted players who have for the past years lacked a magnificent brand to play with like this one. It has an extra-longer barrel with a wonderfully made sweet spot and a wider hitting zone. This is a great piece that ensures that the players get more power to hit and assuredly get the game in every swing with the Easton XL1.

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Easton has designed different series that are all geared to satisfying player’s needs. The first interesting series is the XL series, where this bat falls.The Easton XL1 is the best out of the XL series. In this series are the more powerful bats that are designed for heavier hits. They are generally short in terms of length and lighter to ensure stronger hits. These bats perform extremely well and meet player’s needs. The other series that Easton has introduced in 2013 is theSpeed Series, featuring S1, S2 and S3 bats. This series is mainly created for players who want to increase their swing speed and generate more power. They feature almost but not same designs and features.


The Easton XL1 bat features ideal materials in its design and provides good performance to players through the well-established handles that are made with good and comfortable grip. Players can maximize their chances with this comfortable bat which creates better performance in the game. The SIC black carbon is specially designed to allow players comfortably enjoy the game with an assured grip on the handle. The materials used in their designs ensure that the bats perform quite well. This also allows them to last for long while still offering high performance to players.


In its design and features, the Easton XL1 creates an amazing experience for players regardless of their levels. Adult players deserve a more powerful and versatile bat that creatively help them set their games and take care of their opponents. This must have been the idea that the designer identified in creating this great bat.

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The amazing 2014 Easton XL1 Power Brigade adult baseball bat also allows players to swing heavier bats due to its power to swing larger barrels. It is designed to enable players benefit from the barrels and big sweet spot in different ways. Even for novice players, this cannot be difficult to use as it is finely made for easier use. This is a bat that will undoubtedly pay back its value.


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